Best Ways To Throw a Mystery Party for Little Kids

Best Ways To Throw a Mystery Party for Little Kids
Best Ways To Throw a Mystery Party for Little Kids | image credit: Rahel Daniel/unsplash

The secret world of spies has long piqued the interest of both adults and children thanks to films and mystery books. So it comes as no surprise that a lot of kids request mystery parties for their birthdays. Here are some creative ways to make your child’s birthday party memorable by including a spy or mystery theme.


The invitations should make it clear that a strange day is in store. Invite your guests to arrive in suits and ties, trench coats, black T-shirts, sunglasses, and other spy-related attire. Some of those items can be purchased from thrift shops or party supply stores, and you can have them on hand for the children to wear when they come.

Roll your child’s thumb in black ink, and then press it on a sheet of white paper to create your own mystery party invites. Make your mark at Sam’s spy birthday party by scanning the fingerprint into your computer, enlarging it, and then using it as the image on the front of the invitations. With the phrases “top secret” or “confidential” inscribed on the back, place the cards in manila envelopes. Printing the invites backward so that attendees have to hold them up to a mirror in order to read them would be another entertaining theme-related touch.


Consider the tones of the night, such as black, gray, brown, and silver, when choosing a color palette. You may hang crime scene investigation tape in place of streamers. On the food table, place an open briefcase filled with containers holding snacks or paper plates and napkins.

Place black butcher paper on a wall and have your youngster stand up against it while running for a low-cost, do-it-yourself decorating. With chalk, draw a circle around your child, then cut it out. Create numerous copies of these silhouettes, then hang them all over the house. Play spy-themed music, such as the themes from “Mission Impossible,” “James Bond,” and “Secret Agent Man,” as the children arrive.

Party Favors

Make each child their own spy kit, which should include a small notepad, a pencil, dark sunglasses, Groucho-style disguise glasses, a magnifying glass, and lie detector cards that purport to tell you whether or not you’re telling the truth based on the temperature of your thumb, instead of giving them generic goodie bags. To the bag, you may add trick candies like Pop Rocks.

Games and Activities

If the guests aren’t already dressed in costumes, outfit them in their spy gear when they come. You could give each kid a false mustache and a black plastic fedora hat.

It’s time to enjoy yourself now. The following are some events you could plan:

Spy Poster Puzzle

Purchase a sizable poster, such one for “The Spy Next Door” or “Spy Kids.” Give each child one or more parts of the poster that have been cut into puzzle-like pieces. They have to reassemble the poster collectively. For younger children, cut larger pieces; for older children, cut smaller pieces.

Mystery Objects

In a doorway, hang a curtain. Set up a table and many bowls filled with mystery items on the hidden side. Have the children take turns reaching through the curtain on the side where everyone else is sitting, touching the unidentified things, and then writing down their best guesses as to what they were. You’ll need a grownup to hold out the bowls for the player to feel in the right sequence on the concealed side. Once everyone has had a chance, determine which child provided the most accurate responses.

Some particularly spooky items you could use include cold, oily, cooked spaghetti (to mimic worms), peeled grapes (eyeballs), silk from some corn ears (hair), dried apricot (tongue or ear), peeled whole tomato (heart), steamed cauliflower until soft and covered in oil, and other similar objects.

Obstacle Course

Test the concrete backbone of your spies with an obstacle course. Set up a antagonism that may accommodate ample beneath a mini-trampoline, walking on antithesis beams, accustomed an egg beyond a ambit on a spoon, captivation a baseball bat to the forehead, acute the bat into the ground, and spinning about it three times.

Laser Beam Caper

Create a web-like pattern out of yarn or ribbon to make it look like laser beams are encircling a valuable object. The children will attempt to avoid touching any laser beams as they pass through them one at a time in order to grab the prize. In the event of success, the kid gets to keep the reward. Each run is timed, and the winner with the quickest time receives a cash award.

Diffuse a Bomb

Fill black balloons with ordinary air, not helium, and cover the floor of the space. Before inflating one balloon, stuff it full of crimson confetti. Inform the children that they must defuse all the “bombs,” and that the player who defuses the confetti-filled “real bomb” wins.

Lie Detector

The group must hear two facts and one lie from each child about themselves. The remaining children must determine which information was accurate and which was untrue. Give the students some time to come up with truths and lies that seem implausible. The winner is the person who can dupe the most of their friends.

Spy Crafts

Making spy crafts like egg carton disguises, toilet paper roll binoculars, and fake cameras might be the party’s main activity.

Finding the Cake Mission

Don’t only let them eat cake and drink champagne. After all, this is an espionage party. Make them consider it. Before the celebration starts, hide the cake. Kids will start enquiring about it in due time. Send them on a covert mission to find the cake by deciphering hidden clues. Put the hints in manila envelopes with the words “Top Secret” or “Confidential” stamped on them.

The Cake

What shape should that cake take then? It might be formed like a spherical black bomb with a sparkler “ignite” on top, a trench coat, a magnifying glass, a question mark, a big fingerprint with swirling icing on top, or even a sparkler. You could also make black and yellow fondant into crime scene investigation tape and use it to cover a cake. If the birthday youngster enjoys James Bond, you may put a “007” or “009” or “010” or the child’s age on top of the cake.

Alternately, have the outline of a shady person carrying a briefcase airbrushed by a bakery. Cut the form from black rolled fondant to achieve the same effect at home. The same spy could sneak across a cake in the shape of a book to highlight spy novels rather than movies. Perhaps a specific book or movie will be the centerpiece of your child’s spy birthday celebration. Choose a cake that represents a person or object from the narrative in those situations, such as one honoring Disney’s action-hero dog Bolt.

Other Food

Give common foods with spy-related titles, such as Agent Apples, Fingerprinted Fish Sticks, Undercover Onion Rings, Double Agent Dogs (two hot dogs in one bun), and Top Secret Sandwiches, if you intend to serve savory snacks as well.

Enjoy your mystery-loving birthday child’s special day, whether you decide to throw an elaborate party packed with spy-related games or just want to hang up a few decorations and put on a movie.

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