Choosing a Shower Head

Choosing a Shower Head
Choosing a Shower Head | image source: Karl Tapales / Getty

Showering is a quick and effective way to clean up in the morning before you leave for the day, but showers are also less expensive and take up less room than bathtubs. Showers can also be quite calming since the water gently massages sore muscles or cascades from the ceiling.

The shower head has a big impact on how you feel while taking a shower. The multiple spray holes in this component of the shower, which is connected to the shower arm, disperse the water’s flow. Shower head mounting position, spray pattern, and type have a significant impact on the direction of the spray, water pressure, and even where the spray hits your body. You can learn more about shower heads and the critical product factors to take into account before purchasing a new shower head for your home by reading this article.

Before Replacing Your Shower Head

Not all issues can be resolved by swapping out the current components. You can avoid having to buy a new shower head for the bathroom by cleaning a shower head that has clogged spray holes and frequently repairing a leaking shower head.

Buying Considerations for Shower Heads

Not every issue requires that the current components be replaced. Shower heads that leak or have clogged spray holes can frequently be repaired, saving you the expense of purchasing a new shower head for the bathroom.


In order to filter these contaminants as soon as they reach the home, it is normally advised to install a whole-home water softener or water filtration system, although this isn’t always an option. Those who rent condos or apartments, for example, typically do not have access to the main water line and may have many water lines entering the unit.

The incoming water in many American cities and towns may have high levels of minerals, chlorine, and other impurities that can cause your skin and hair to become dry. A whole-house water softener or water filtration system is often advised to filter these toxins as soon as they reach the home, but this isn’t always an option. For instance, renters or owners of condominiums typically do not have access to the main water line and may have many water lines entering the unit.

Spray Pattern

When you are standing in the shower, only you truly know how you prefer the water to feel.

While a filtered shower head is frequently chosen out of need, a shower head’s spray pattern is typically decided on according to personal desire. The only person who truly understands how you prefer the water to feel while taking a shower is you.


The mount is a crucial component to take into account when selecting a new shower head. In most showers, the top of one wall has an inclined shower arm that extends, allowing the shower head to spray down into the enclosure. Although rainfall shower heads should be used with horizontal shower arms that extend over the shower, rather than being tilted down from the side, these shower arms can be used with fixed, handheld, dual, and even fixed shower heads.

Another choice that resembles an overhead horizontal shower arm is a shower head that is positioned on the ceiling. The shower arm positioned in the ceiling is connected to the rainfall shower head, allowing the water to fall directly down.

Shower Head Types

When looking to replace the outdated fixture in your bathroom, you have a variety of shower head options to consider, including fixed, rainfall, handheld, dual, and panel shower heads.


A fixed shower head is the simplest and most cheap shower solution. Although this anchored battery arch can alone aerosol in a baby area, these accouterments accessories are affiliated to an evidently extending battery arm, and the administration of the aerosol can about be altered. Although not all fixed shower heads have this functionality, some of them have a multi-function sprayer that lets you select from a variety of spray patterns.


A rainfall shower head is designed for overhead installation and is larger in size than a fixed or handheld shower head. This mounting position enables the water to fall directly into the shower, producing a soothing showering experience that is meant to resemble a significant downpour.


Handheld shower heads have surpassed fixed shower heads as the most popular option, which they had previously held. These shower heads often have the appearance and feel of fixed shower heads, and they can even mount on the wall to shoot water into the shower at an angle. The primary distinction is that a handheld shower head isn’t physically attached to the shower arm. Instead, it is connected to a long hose, allowing the user to hold the shower head in their hand to better regulate the spray’s direction.


A dual shower head is the best option if you can’t decide between a handheld and a rainfall shower head. These systems offer overhead rainfall shower heads for more tranquil, relaxing showers in addition to handheld or fixed shower heads for quick, effective washing before racing off to work.


However, they are typically installed with a new shower head and can add a higher level of comfort and relaxation. Panel shower systems are not shower heads. These systems often have many body sprayers that are positioned at the shoulder, hip, and knee in addition to a fixed or handheld shower head. You can change the spray pattern from each sprayer in the shower so that in addition to getting clean, you also receive a full-body massage.


You’re in luck if your shower head needs to be repaired or if you simply want a new one with a different spray pattern. The majority of shower heads available on the market are reasonably priced, with an average cost between $50 and $150. Simple shower head products, such as fixed or handheld models, will fall at the lower end of the pricing range, while dual and panel models fall toward the upper end. Although installing an overhead shower arm to achieve the full effect of a rainfall shower head can raise the cost, rainfall shower heads fall in the middle of the two ends.

According to Home Advisor, more elaborate or opulent shower head items can cost substantially more than the industry standard, with some products exceeding $1,000 to $1,200 for professional installation. Spend some time deciding on a suitable budget before choosing a new shower head or shower panel for your bathroom.

The Way To Choose a Shower Head

Consider the many shower head designs, the plumbing in your shower at the moment, your chosen spray pattern, and whether or not your home has hard water that may be alleviated by a filtered shower head. Before choosing a new shower head or shower panel for your home, you should also think about the cost of the shower head as well as the cost of installation for more expensive goods.

Do You Have a Favorite Shower Head?

By selecting a particular style of shower head, you can instantly reduce your options. Although they don’t have much else to offer, fixed shower heads are the most cheap. Additionally cheap, handheld shower heads are more adaptable and let you control the direction of the water’s spray. While multiple shower heads can also create similar questions, rainfall shower heads are soothing even if you don’t have the proper shower arm to operate them. However, among the many types, dual shower heads are the most adaptable choice. Install a panel shower system for a total body sensation.

Which Spray Pattern Is Your Favorite?

Although there are various standard shower head spray patterns, not everyone likes them. Find a shower head with a spray pattern you favor, whether you prefer the jet setting’s hard-hitting sensation, the massage setting’s firm pressure, the cleaning effectiveness of the normal shower setting, or even the relaxing cascade of the rainfall setting. Just bear in mind that if you want an overhead rainfall shower head, you must first confirm that your home has the appropriate plumbing setup. If not, you may need to engage a plumber to install the new plumbing setup in the shower.

Do You Have Hard Water in Your Home?

Hard water is water that is reputed to contain a lot of minerals. If the water in your town, city, or area is particularly hard, it can have an impact on the plumbing systems in every room of the house, leading to clogged and mineral-crusted faucets, fixtures, and appliances. Your skin and hair may become dry and brittle from using hard water. Although purchasing a whole-home water softener or filtration system is advised, if you can’t afford to install one or don’t have access to the main water line, you might choose to get a shower head with an integrated filter instead.

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