Tips To Maintain Home During Summer

Tips To Maintain Home During Summer
Tips To Maintain Home During Summer | image credit: Devyn Caldwell

While they’re on sale this month, spend money on high-quality tools.
In June, as the days lengthen, temperatures start to climb.

With these summertime home maintenance suggestions, you can also prevent your energy and water bills from skyrocketing:

Stop Buying Cheap Tools

With high-quality tools, repairs and home improvement projects go much more smoothly, and you’ll be happier with the results. Use this month’s sales to purchase high-quality brands at a discount or purchase used tools at a nearby auction or estate sale. Then throw out those improvised tools that have always given you trouble.

Stop Heat-Drying Your Dishes

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To pump cold air into your home, you already spend more. Use the heat-dry setting on your dishwasher sparingly. Your electrical load could increase by twofold.

Instead, open the dishwasher as soon as it is finished running and remove the racks. The dishes will dry more quickly as the steam evaporates. A button that will automatically prevent heat drying is found on some dishwashers.

Stop Watering Your Lawn So Much

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Lawns are a bit picky approximately their ingesting schedule. As opposed to daily soaks, they prefer deep, infrequent watering, which promotes deeper root increase. In trendy, lawns want about 1 inch of water in line with week. In a well-watered lawn, you may stick a screwdriver 6 to 8 inches into the dust without resistance.

Stop Putting Bricks in the Toilet

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Even though the summer is water-conservation season, installing a brick in your toilet is not the best way to achieve your well-intentioned goals. When brick is left in water for too long, it will crumble. Change to a high-efficiency toilet instead. The $130 yearly water savings from replacing it with a Water Sense-labeled toilet is justified at a cost of $90 to $330 per toilet. Alternately, just replace your brick with a milk jug half full of sand.

More Tips To Maintain Home During Summer are here below:

Have your roof inspected

According to Noble, if your roof is older than ten years, it should be inspected for damage.

Adjust doors and tighten loose handles

According to Campitell, humidity and temperature have an impact on how well doors and handles work. Doors and handles may expand and stick in the summer due to moisture and humidity, and may contract and loosen in the winter due to drier and colder conditions.

Examine windows, screens, storm windows and doors

Make sure they properly seal and close, Noble advised.

Always Inspect showers and tubs, and replace caulking

Water is kept from seeping into walls, where it remains concealed until water damage has set in, by checking showers and tubs for damage and replacing any caulk that is missing or cracked. According to Campitell, a $6.95 caulk replacement is superior to a $695 repair for moisture damage behind walls.

Check your landscape

Check to make sure no trees or shrubbery are touching or rubbing against the sides or roof of your home, as this could result in damage during a storm, Noble advised.

Inspect gutters and downspouts

Check that they are secure, drain correctly, and are free of debris; add gutter guards or screens to assist keep debris out, Noble advised.

Check the grade around your house

To stop water from leaking into your home, make sure the ground slopes away from it and that your downspouts direct water away from your foundation. Noble penned

Do a safety inspection

Cleaning out your dryer vent, inspecting your washing machine hoses, checking your fire extinguishers, and checking your toilet supply line are all crucial safety checkpoints. Hoses from washing machines are constantly put under a lot of pressure, according to Campitell.

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